Smart Glass

Self Adhesive Film: Is a film that can be easily applied to an existing glass when a customer does not want to replace the glass. The basic function of Self-adhesive film is exactly same as the Non Adhesive film.
-Non Adhesive Film: Smart Switchable glass is operated by a simple electrical switch, controlling the opacity of the glass from clear to opaque. The Non Adhesive film is inserted between two glass panels, which controls the flow of electricity, and therefore the clarity of the glass. For better control, a dimmer can be installed giving you the ability to control the clarity of the glass.
Switchable glass also offers thermal, solar and sound insulation benefits, helping to keep rooms cool, comfortable and quiet.
This laminated glass provides immense strength that will not shatter when damaged so it can be used as a safety glass as well.

– Switchable Colored Glass:
Applications of this product can be used for corporate designs, an interior design theme, or a darker tint to provide more shade. Switchable Colored Glass is the perfect solution, offering all the functions of our standard Smart Switchable Glass but with a style.

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